Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Muse: Ascia

This is one stylish couple; husband and wife duo Ascia & Ahmad share their love for fashion on their blog - The Hybrids. 

I came across Ascia's Instagram page and was so inspired by her love of fashion and use of colour in her daily style, I decided to feature her in today's post. 

I love how Ascia isn't afraid to use a mix of colours and textures in her outfits, like in the picture above. 
Her use of pattern is perfect and these colours are very harmonious together. The look is just so put together and quite glamorous with the gold sleeves and nude Christian Louboutin heels. 

I really like how she has a turban to match every outfit - this adds a lot of character and is her signature look. Her use of clean, crisp lines also seem to be present in all of her outfits which gives Ascia an always polished look, which I really admire. Pulling off a jewellery collar or drape isn't easy, but Ascia does with ease - she adds layers and texture to her outfits by accessorising with jewellery or scarves. 

Check out The Hybrids here or Ascia's Instagram page @ascia_akf for some style inspiration.