Monday, 26 January 2015

What's In My Purse

I'm known to carry around everything and the kitchen sink with me on a daily basis! I guess, I just like to come equipped for any situation that may arise. Here's an insight into what's inside my daytime purse. 

1. iPhone 
My number one essential and the source to all my creativity. I love searching the internet for inspiration, taking photos of my day and of course my slight obsession with Instagram.

2. Wallet & coin purse
Just the general bits and bobs in here: licence, credit cards, loyalty cards, money (if I'm lucky)and bandaids.

3. Diary & note pad
I'm such a note taker, list maker and organiser. I like to keep my diary up to date with upcoming events, assignment due dates etc. And I keep a blank note book to jot down any brilliant ideas for posts or shopping lists. 

4. Copious amounts of lip products 
Can you blame a girl for wanting options!?

5. Sunnies
A must for keeping that harsh Sydney sun out of your eyes while driving. Love a big pair of sunglasses! 

6. Hand cream & mints 
I always keep some hand cream and mints in my purse ~ cracked, dry hands and bad breath just isn't cute! 

7. Perfume & body mist 
I usually keep at least one of these in my bag to re-spritz during the day. I love the sweet floral body mists from Victoria's Secret. 

8. Hair clip
A must during Summer! No matter how much effort I put into my hair, during those warmer months I always end up sweeping it off my face and into an up-do by the end of the day. 

9. Tampons
You never know when you or a friend may need one of these suckers! 

10. House & car keys
Well duh..gets me around and in my house at the end of the day : ) 

11. Neurofen
For that unwelcome headache or when 'that time of month' cramps arise. 

12. Handbag butler
This cute little device allows you to hang your handbag off a restaurant table, rather than putting it on the dirty floor, which I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of.

Let me know what your daily handbag essentials are! 

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