Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a good start to the week! Monday is always the toughest after a great weekend, but it is one step closer to the next : ) 

like to start my Mondays with a fresh vegetable juice with carrots, beetroot and celery. Gives me the nutrients I need for the day and is actually really tasty as well!

Today I wore my winter, floral skirt from Sportsgirl. I love the length of this skirt and how comfortable it is. 
I paired it with a black long sleeve, cotton top and my favourite Wittner heeled, black boots. 
Love a good scarf to top off an outfit and this grey pashmina was really nice and warm. 
My baby pink purse is from Zara and was such a good buy! Only $99 and it's such great quality. I really do like the bags that Zara sell. 

My hair I kept simple, in a little bun and the same with makeup. I don't generally wear a lot during the week to work. 

Happy Monday!