Sunday, 22 June 2014

Packing for China - Part 2

When I travel, I like to have an idea of outfits I'd put together whilst I pack so I don't have anything unnecessary in my suitcase. I also try to pack relatively plain clothing so I'm able to mix and match items and you always tend to wear things a couple of times when travelling even if you think you won't. 

To China I took the following items with me: 
~ 3 pairs of harem pants I bought in Vietnam (bargain of $8 per pair!!)
~ lots of plain coloured, cheap t-shirts and singlets
~ a couple of summery dresses incase I had a nice dinner to attend
~ 2 thin belts for the dresses
~ 1 pair of dark denim jeans 
~ 2 skirts for day time outfits 
~ 2 dressier tops
~ white converse all stars (I pretty much lived in these!) and Adidas joggers (for the Great Wall walk)
~ 2 pairs of versatile sandals and thongs
~ some costume jewelry in both gold and silver (to tell you the truth I only really wore the long necklace and bracelets) 

My airport outfit was very basic and comfortable ~ I wanted to stick with comfort as we had an overnight flight to China. I wore a pair of grey harem pants from Cotton On Body, three quarter cream top and thongs. I also took on the plane, socks and a jumper because it does get a little chilly. 

I'm back from China now after two weeks. I had a fantastic time away and every minute was a great experience!

I hope you were able to pick up some tips for packing for your next trip and enjoyed a little sneak peak into mine. 

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