Monday, 27 April 2015

D.I.Y. Print Collage

Having moved into a new house early this year, only now are we adding the final homely touches. Our walls are looking a tad bare so adding a print collage is next on the agenda. There are so many small businesses creating some awesome decorative wall prints and I've found some of the best.
My favourites include:
Creating your own print collage is easy! Start by framing your favourite photos, postcards, or maybe you've captured some great landscape pictures from your travels. White frames keep lines clean, especially if the pictures have a lot of colour and try to get a mix of sizes. If you're into DIY, hop onto the computer and create your own inspiration quote prints and pretty coloured prints.
Now comes the fun part - arranging the frames in the pattern to hang on your blank wall. To make things easier, lay the frames on the floor and hang on the wall one by one.
This is an easy DIY that can add colour and personality to a blank wall in your home. Let me know your tips for adding colour to your homes.