Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beach Essentials

I was lucky enough to travel to sunny Noosa for work this week and was inspired by the beautiful surroundings to write a post on my favourite beach essentials. I love Summer (as every Aussie does) and the relaxed vibe that comes with the warmer months. The open toed shoes come out, the big sunnies are on and minimal makeup is worn. It's just the Aussie way! 

One thing we are not relaxed about in Australia is sun protection. The Australian sun is very harsh and it's important to protect our skin as much as possible. I enjoy the La Roche-Posay 50+ spf Extreme Fluid for sensitive skin and for the body, Banana Boat 50+ spf also for sensitive skin. 

Keeping my lips soft is the Nivea Repair and protection spf 25. I do love a good sea salt scrub, but not so much at the beach. My skin tends to dry out very easily and I keep it hydrated by spritzing a little Mario Badesku Rosewater facial spray on. So refreshing! 

I always a good magazine on hand to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip - my favourite is OK Magazine. Everyone needs a good quality pair of thongs and I pretty much live in them during Summer. Havianas are the most comfortable and have the brightest selection of colours and patterns! 

Large sunnies are a must for keeping the sun off your face, whilst keeping you looking chic on the beach. My favourites at the moment are black cat eye Prada's with silver studs. I do love the beach but  sand seems to creep everywhere! I like a large towel when getting my tan on and Country Road make them so soft and super sized. 

Noosa is such a beautiful beach town with a relaxed, friendly vibe great for a family holiday. I'd recommend everyone visiting this magical place!