Sunday, 2 August 2015

Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Since starting the 30 day challenge I've learnt of so many healthy recipes. Cooking was never really something I enjoyed but now that I'm seeing a health benefit, I love it! 

I'm not really a morning person so in the mornings I like everything ready to go - quick and easy. I discovered this delicious and healthy smoothie recipe by chucking in a few ingredients I had sitting at home and turns out it's so amazing and simple!!

1 Banana
2 Cups almond milk
5 Ice-cubes
1 Tablespoon almond paste

Whiz it all up in a blender, put it in a cup to go and you're on your way! 

The almond paste is the magical ingredient, giving it a sweet nutty flavour. 

I am so glad I found almond paste because it's a healthy alternative to peanut butter which is high in sugar and fat. Try dipping carrot sticks, celery or even banana as a healthy snack. I find when I'm craving a lil something sweet this is now my go to and a's sold in all major grocery stores! 

Check it out! It's amazing : )