Thursday, 25 June 2015

Meeting PR Queen Roxy Jacenko

What a great week it's been!!! 
After completing my Accounting exam for uni last week, I treated myself to an extra long weekend with a couple of days off work. 
Monday was a relaxed day spent exploring the best bits of our fabulous city of Sydney and capturing inspiring photos for our wall at home. 
Speaking of inspiring, Tuesday was a day I was really looking forward to!! To be honest I was a little nervous but terribly excited to hear from the PR guru herself...Roxy Jacenko!

She is a woman who knows what she's doing and every attention to detail was perfectly executed, from the donut topped coconuts to the perfectly positioned luxury cars out the front of the Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay! "Why do you think I parked $1.4 million dollars worth of luxury cars out the front, because I knew someone would like it and take a photo!" 
She's a smart woman who's worked her way to the top in the PR industry, with her highly successful PR business - Sweaty Betty PR and now The Ministry of Talent, focusing on the highly impactful digital space with bloggers. 
What really blew me away was her strong  business ethic of hard work, drive, dedication to her team and business and this has really driven Sweaty Betty to grow to what it is today. 
As Roxy said:
It was such an inspiring session for women in business, empowering one another to be the best they can be and really push for what they want to achieve!