Monday, 19 January 2015

Managing Your Time

Do you find it hard fitting all your 'to dos' in the one day? Feel like you're trying to accomplish too much with not enough time? Here are my top 10 tips I use to manage my daily/weekly/monthly activities and get everything I wish to, accomplished! 

1. Spend time planning and organising - it will be time well spent 
2. Write a to do list for the week and cross off as completed
3. Set reminders in your phone for daily tasks
4. Set priorities to work out which tasks to focus on first 
5. Don't be afraid to ask for help from your family/friends 
6. Learn to multitask where possible - 'kill two birds with one stone'
7. Avoid procrastination - get that boring and long task out of the way first and foremost 
8. Be flexible - prepare for things to change, it's inevitable 
9. Celebrate successes of completing large ticket items 
10. Take time out for yourself - this will ensure your body has time to relax and recharge 

Just remember....
Picture courtesy of Pinterest