Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Makeup Storage

My makeup didn't always look this good, but with some cleaning, shuffling and sorting I've managed to get it organised. 
It all started when I moved house and bathroom space cut in half (at least)! Everything was moved into my bedroom, still half packed and kind of dumped into a chest of draws. Over a few weeks this turned into a shambles of messy makeup. I couldn't find anything and products were going unused/lost. It was time for an intervention and some organisation. 

So I popped down to a great store called Daiso which, if you haven't heard of is great for storage solutions and other bits and pieces and the best part is everything is priced at $2.80...everything! I picked up some plastic and cotton drawer organisers which are handy for sorting products into categories. I also already owned these fab perspex drawers which were holding my most used makeup which I swap around all the time. 
I laid everything out and got rid of products I'd had for a while and not used. I then started sorting products into categories, powders with powders and so on. Each category was put into the new containers and I also moved my current most used products back into the perspex draws. I slotted everything into the draw for easy access. 
As you can see now, my collection looks much more organised. Everything can be seen which means I use a lot more and nothing is wasted and I'm really happy with how my makeup is now stored. 
Let me know your favourite ways to store makeup!