Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites

I can't believe June is amongst us..already! I've finally completed my Diploma in Marketing and am leaving for a trip to China this Sunday. It's all very exciting : ) I haven't done a favourites post before, but thought id let you know what I've been loving for the month of May. Here goes...
I do like to switch up my perfumes quite regularly, but this month I seem to have been going back to these two old faithfuls. 
I generally like wearing Calvin Klein In 2 U during the day because of its light, fruity smell. It also has a slightly masculine smell to it, which I kind of like! 
Chanel Chance is my go to night time scent. It's quite a bold, strong scent which really lasts on the skin. It's my all time favourite. 
I was lucky enough to try out these lovely candles from Valencia Bath Treats this month. They are absolutely divine and smell good enough to eat! My bedroom has been filled with the sweet smell of Green Apple and Salted Caramel! 
During the colder months, we all tend to lose that summer glow. Bobbi Brown's bronzer in No. 1 Golden Light is what I've been using to lightly bronze up my face. I like to apply it with a bronzer brush from bh cosmetics. 
My skin is quite oily normally but I tend to get dry patches in the colder months. I've been using this deluxe sample of Clinique Moisture Surge and my skin is loving it. It's a kind of jelly texture and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. My lips have been feeling a tad dry lately - this Mint Julips sugar scrub from Lush is exactly what they needed. It's a naturally made lip scrub that you can actually eat! 
I bought this Michael Kors watch from Asos a little while ago and am so glad I did! It's been getting a lot if wear because it goes with so much. I like its bold size and can be worn either during the day or night. 
The weather has been getting a little chilly lately, so ive taken the warmer clothes out of hiding. I bought this furry collared vest a couple of years ago from a little store called Think. I love the natural brown colour and how warm the furry collar keeps me. I usually team it with jeans and boots for an all round winter look. 

I hope you've enjoyed my favourites for the month and let me know what you've been loving during the month of May.