Thursday, 27 November 2014


I received some very exciting news today, that I have been accepted into Macquarie Graduate School of Management to start an MBA early 2015! 

When I finished high school I wasn't really into studying and just couldn't wait to start working full time in an office, so thats what I did, bypassing university. I really wasn't in the right frame of mind for uni and didn't think it was necessary for me at the time.

After working full time now for seven years (also completing my diploma in Event Management and Marketing along the way) I have gained some fantastic experience that has formed strong foundations for a career in product management that I am working towards. I've always been interested in both the strategy and creative aspects of marketing and knew this was what I would end up working in, whatever industry that may be. 

As I've matured, I've realised I do not have all the skills that I would require for a position in management and there is only so much you can learn on the job. I had completed my Diploma in Marketing in June this year and it was then I decided I would enrol for university to begin in 2015. 

I was kind of nervous about getting accepted because the application process was pretty lengthy and involved and after researching on the website, MGSM sounded like it was a very prestigious and selective school. For the application process, I had to provide my CV, statement of personal aims and achievements, two written references, any previous study results and the application form. 

You could imagine my shock and excitement to receive the email and reading "congratulations you've been offered a position at MGSM for semester one 2015". I am very excited and nervous about starting but I am so ready and need to do for my personal and professional growth. Im going to put my all into this course and really gain as much from this experience as I can as well as meeting some fantastic people along the way. 

Hopefully this has given some insight into my life over the past few years and what's in store for me in 2015 onwards! 

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