Monday, 3 November 2014

October Favourites

This month I've been testing out some new products that have made it into my monthly favourites, as well loving some good old faithfuls. 

I love testing out different dry shampoos and since I've got super oily skin, I use them quite regularly. I received the De Lorenzo et absorb in a goodie bag from an event I attended and it's actually a really good product. I was really impressed with how it made my hair feel so freshly clean - It's quickly become a favourite of mine and I definitely would repurchase it. 

Since the weathers been getting warmer, I've been in search for lighter makeup applications and the beauty blender gives me exactly that. Using your everyday foundation, it gives a much lighter and smoother application leaving your face looking very natural and able to breathe throughout the day. 

We all hate it when you wake in the morning to find a big red spot in the middle of your face, usually on a day when you're having photos taken - it's always the way! The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion can take care of pimples while you sleep and it's no miracle. The lotion actually works to dry the spot and I always see a dramatic different when I wake in the morning. It's definitely a staple for me in my kit. 

Having naturally long, lushious lashes would be fab, but sometimes you need to fake it 'till you make it...with false ones. I purchase all my lashes in bulk from which means they're very affordable and the range is quite extensive. The Red Cherry #110's are some of my favourites, giving your eyes a fluttery lash effect. I think they're really pretty.

Sticking with lashes and able to create lots of volume is the Le Volume de Chanel mascara. When it says really means volume. This is a big call, but it's one of the best mascaras I've ever used..and I've tried a few. I think the secret is in the rubber wand with the small bristles - they allow you to get right into the base of the lash, creating volume from the bottom upwards. Its definately at holy grail mascara status! 

I've heard great things about the brand and quality of Bobbi Brown products, and have been curious to test them out for myself. I purchased an eyebrow shaper from Mecca Maxima and have been loving it so far. It holds my brows down all day, as well as adding some colour, which is handly for those 'no makeup' makeup days.

Finally it's the most raved about product ever, and now I know why - the Soleil Tan De Chanel cream bronzer. I've been using this everyday since I got it, after my foundation and underneath powder bronzer. The texture is so buttery, it blends into the skin so well and provides a really nice base for my powder bronzer. I love it! 

I hope you've enjoyed my favourites and let me know what you've been loving for the month of October.