Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sleek Makeup

Ok this makeup may not be on sale but it's so reasonably priced it doesn't have to be! They have such a great range of products where do I start!

I'll start with their eye shadows...they are so pigmented and have a wide selection of natural and more adventurous colours. My favourite pallet is the Ultra Matte V2 for $9.99

I love the selection of blush colours and the texture on the face - they just glide on and blend so well. The two below are definitely my favourites:

Pixie Pink and Rose Gold - $5.99 each


I'm a sucker for a good face highlighter; power or liquid I love the dewy look a highlighter can give you. This Luminaire Concealer Highlighter ($8.49) is great for creating that signature Kim Kardashian triangle highlight under the eyes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love false lashes! They add so much drama to a makeup look with minimal effort. Here are two great choices:

Siamese Lashes and Sphynx Lashes - $5.41 each

Sleek ship internationally and shipped is very reasonable. To give you an idea, I ordered about $45 worth of products and I got charged just under $4 for shipping!! Who can complain about that!
Check it out

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